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Why NDA’s do not work in China

Asking a company to sign an NDA before sending sensitive drawings and information is common, and is recommended to protect IP and trade secrets. In the UK, Non-Disclosure Agreements or Mutual Non Disclosure Agreements are legally binding as you might expect. However, when dealing with China, sending an agreement that works in the UK does […]

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The History of CNC Machining

Although humans have been using tools to harness and accentuate power for 2.6 million years, the true machining development came with the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution commenced in the 18th century, and was a reformation of the manufacturing industry. With the introduction of machines, the potential production rate skyrocketed whilst the production time was […]

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Shell Eco-marathon

Get It Made have manufactured some parts for Imperial College London’s entry into the Shell Eco-Marathon (Prototype, Hydrogen Class Category). Get It Made provided technical support and advice prior to manufacture, resulting in high quality, high-performance parts, fit enough to push hydrogen technology to its limits! Some of the Wheel uprights we machined are below: Get It […]

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Formula 1 in Schools

With the new website, we thought we would take this opportunity to reflect on a project that Get It Made was involved in, through sponsoring a student engineering project. Get It Made are passionate about supporting young talent and we have recently sponsored the Emmanuel College, Gateshead in their bid for success in the Formula […]

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Faster Delivery

We started a new company! – Get It Delivered. In our commitment to give our clients the best possible service, we wanted to find a way to speed up delivery of manufactured parts. We realised that there was an opportunity to shorten delivery by allowing parts to be shipped directly from our supply chain partners to […]

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Chemical Analysis of Metals

Get It Made can now provide chemical analysis of metals through an Independent 3rd Party Lab. Metals that can currently be tested include Steel, Aluminium, Copper and Iron using ICP-OES and Leco C+S and nitrogen determination. If you have a project where you need to be 100% certain that the chemical composition matches the material certificate provided by the […]

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