How much does Aluminium Extrusion cost?

Aluminium extrusion tools can cost from £500, often £2000, and as high as £5000. Part costs largely depend on part weight and any additional secondary processes like machining and anodising.

How much does Aluminium Extrusion cost?


Extruded aluminium is a manufacturing process where aluminium is forced at high pressure through a die designed to create the desired cross-section. The major advantages of producing custom aluminium extrusions are the ability to create complex profiles that are cost effective and metres in length.

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In this article we simulated the production costs for an extruded aluminium profile. You can see how different quantities will affect the extrusion process costs.

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Aluminium Extrusion Costs

400x110x75 Aluminium Extrusion (Annotated)

Extrusion dimensions: 110mm width, 76mm height and 400mm length.
This aluminium extrusion could be considered large. So smaller extrusions would have a much lower tooling cost, and significant cost reduction per meter.

The mould complexity is the main point to determine the cost of aluminium extrusions. There is also a limit to how low the unit price can get by increasing the quantity. Raw material costs are 90% of the raw extrusion cost. So market changes in commodity prices can make prices volatile.
For this part, the Aluminium extrusion price ranges from £48 to £34 without any further finishing.

No. Material Finish Quantity Unit Price Tooling Cost Lead time Days
1 Aluminium As machined 50 £48.96 £1,488.00 22
2 Aluminium As machined 5000 £37.44 £1,488.00 22
3 Aluminium As machined 50000 £34.56 £1,488.00 22

For this part, the Aluminium extrusion price ranges from £48 to £34 without any further finishing.

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