Aluminium die-casting case study: Fracino

Discover how Get It Made took Fracino's through the prototyping stage with CNC machining to full-scale production with aluminium die-castings

Aluminium die-casting case study: Fracino
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In January 2022, Get It Made completed a die-casting project for the industry-leading coffee machine company, Fracino. Fracino, a UK-based award-winning manufacturer, specialises in cappuccino and espresso coffee machines. Exporting to over 70 countries, their machines are popular in various establishments. With a state-of-the-art facility in Birmingham, Fracino utilises British manufacturing expertise, ensuring exceptional product quality and reliability. Their numerous awards highlight their technological excellence, quality, and design.


Prototyping was a crucial step in product development for Fracino, allowing them to test and refine their designs before moving to large-scale production. Get It Made suggested using CNC machining as an ideal method for creating accurate and detailed prototypes before aluminium die casting.

We could quickly produce parts by employing CNC machining for prototyping, enabling Fracino to identify potential design flaws and make necessary adjustments before manufacturing the die-casting tooling. Ultimately, our approach minimised risks, reduced waste, and optimised the final production phase, resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective manufacturing solution for Fracino.

Full-scale production

Transitioning from CNC-machined prototypes to aluminium die casting offers significant advantages in large-scale production. Die casting is a rapid, cost-effective process that can produce complex parts with excellent dimensional accuracy at high volumes. The tooling was manufactured, and samples were produced for client approval before moving to full-scale production.


To delve deeper into the project's specifics and the client's experience throughout the process, we spoke with Paul Gurevitch-Beacock, Fracino’s manufacturing & quality manager, to find out more:

1 - Tell us about your work at Fracino. What do you do?

“I am the Manufacturing Manager at Fracino; I ensure all products are suitable for manufacture and developed optimally for ease of production.”

2 - Why did you approach Get It Made for this project? What did you need help with?

“I needed a company that could produce high-quality rapid prototypes for a big client project; get It Made we perfect for this, and not only did they help with prototype work, they then helped move final designs to production and supply finished goods.”

3 - What were you not getting from other manufacturers?

“At the time, we were not getting the right turnaround time and costs; all the lead times were long, and the costing higher than we could warrant. Get It Made hit both our targets.”

4 - How did you experience working with Get It Made?

“Our experience with Get It Made has been great; they are very professional.”

5 - Are you working on any future projects?

“We are not currently working on anything new, but when we do, and we need some prototyping, then Get It Made will be my first call.”

Fracino approached Get It Made for high-quality rapid prototypes and production assistance for a big client project. Their main concerns with other manufacturers were longer lead times and higher costs. Get It Made successfully addressed these issues, providing timely and cost-effective solutions. They had a great experience working with Get It Made, praising their professionalism throughout the process. Although they aren't currently working on any new projects, they plan to use Get It Made for any future prototyping needs. Overall, the customer was delighted with Get It Made's services.

Why choose Get It Made?

High-pressure Aluminium Die Casting is an ideal manufacturing solution for large-scale aluminium components. Get It Made specialises in Die Casting, offering the unique advantage of no Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). This flexibility lets you obtain the parts you require precisely when needed.

Our affiliated factories boast extensive capacity and utilise cutting-edge technology to manufacture high-precision components. Get It Made provides a comprehensive range of secondary processes and finishing options, including CNC Machining, making us your top choice for Aluminium Die Cast Parts production.

We pride ourselves on creating components for even the most challenging applications. Please inform us of your requirements, and rely on Get It Made to manage your production process seamlessly. If you need help with a project and want to speak with one of our dedicated Project Managers, visit Get It Made and get a die-casting quote today. We’ve also put together a Design Guide for more information on designing your parts for die-casting. To understand how much aluminium extrusions cost, check out our Aluminium extrusion costing article.

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