Kingston Racing car revealed

Kingston University and their Formula Student team, Kingston Racing, have launched their racing car that was competing in the contest at Silverstone.

Kingston Racing car revealed
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Get It Made is proud to be a sponsor of the Kingston University racing team, who revealed their new custom-built race car at a Town House launch event in preparation for Formula Student competition at Silverstone. It is an annual event where students worldwide compete to see who constructed the best car. In 2022, a total of 140 teams were be attending, including a few international teams. The main objective of this contest is to design and build a functioning single-seat race car. Kingston's team has been supported by academics and technicians from the School of Engineering and the Environment.

Kingston University Racing team presenting a car

Kingston Racing's team leader and Mechanical Engineering student Andres Bedoya shared his thoughts on the team getting the car ready in time:

"It was a huge weight off our shoulders to get the car ready to go, and we are all so excited to get to Silverstone now," he said. "I will be one of the drivers of the car at the competition, and as a big F1 fan, I can't wait to drive on that famous track. Our hope this year, with an expanded number of teams and some really tough competition, is to get into the top 20, and we are confident we have a powerful and reliable car that can help us achieve that result."

The design process for the Formula Students cars starts in September and continues until the launch in June. The students are only allowed to use a few parts of the previous year’s car which means that the team has to come up with new ideas and innovations while trying to fit into the budget and work within set regulations. Additionally, they have to find and attract sponsors to fund the car’s manufacturing, which we are very happy to be a part of!

Get It Made offered discounted manufacturing of bespoke components for the Kingston University Racing team, including the famous red anodising you can see below. It was a great pleasure to be working with such a talented and hard-working team!

Components of the Kingston Racing team's car

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