Case Study – University of Oxford - Tidal & Wind Energy

Learn how Get It Made utilised CNC Machining and manufacturing services to help Oxford University develop innovative Tidal Turbines.

Case Study – University of Oxford - Tidal & Wind Energy
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Get It Made is proud to work with a wide range of top-class universities at the cutting edge of research.

Recently, Get It Made recently had great success working alongside the Tidal and Wind Energy Research Group at the University of Oxford to produce high-quality CNC machined parts for their international research project.

The Problem

Their project, which conducted research into constructive interference effects on tidal turbines is another example of Get It Made’s close partnership with universities and research institutions.

The team at The University of Oxford required high-precision CNC milled parts in order to test their scientific hypotheses. To accurately measure the results of the experiment, it was imperative that the manufactured parts were free from defects and produced to the exacting standards required.

The turbine models themselves consisted of 1.2m diameter rotors with a nacelle of 1m length and included a variety of sensors to measure individual blade and overall rotor loads, as well as a motor and gearbox to control the speed in different conditions. The precision of the CNC machined components from Get It Made ensured the turbine drivetrains operated smoothly and the electrical equipment stayed dry which was essential for obtaining high-quality results.

The Solution

The University of Oxford chose Get It Made to manufacture the turbine body and drivetrain components using Aluminium and Stainless Steel. Dr James McNaughton, a Postdoctoral Research Assistant at the university stated: “Not only were Get It Made’s costs competitive but what really set them apart from the field is their response time to queries and lead-time for components. All the parts arrived in great condition and within the specified tolerances. Thanks to the high-quality parts with precision tolerances, the nacelles remained dry, and the tests ran well and we obtained valuable data to move the project forwards.”

cnc milled bearing housing
cnc machined aluminium part
cnc turned turbine shaft

The Outcome

With support from the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and the MaRINET2 Transnational Access programme, the team at the University of Oxford recently conducted a series of experimental tests at the SSPA hydrodynamic test facility in Gothenburg, Sweden, with two tidal turbines. The experiments were highly successful and demonstrated underlying physics and the superior performance that can be achieved through the use of constructive interference.

CNC for Green Energy

Hydroelectric energy is just one form of Green Energy. CNC machined parts are also prevalent in wind turbines, solar panels and bio-energy machinery. The requirements for highly accurate, durable and stress-resistant parts are consistent across these use cases and is why CNC machining is a commonly chosen manufacturing process. Read our article on CNC for Green Energy to learn more about how CNC Machining can be utilised in the renewable energy industry.

cnc machined tidal turbines under water

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