New Wave Biotech - new partner of Get It Made

We would like to announce our brand-new partner - New Wave Biotech.

New Wave Biotech - new partner of Get It Made
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New partner of Get It Made - New Wave Biotech.

We are happy to announce our brand new partner - New Wave Biotech. We were inspired by their mission of creating a more sustainable future with biotechnology and decided to help by becoming their manufacturing partner and offering them our discounted services.  

They use computational modelling to help precision fermentation alt protein companies optimise their downstream processing, so they can de-risk their ventures, speed up R&D and reduce costs.

We interviewed the New Wave Biotech team to learn more about their organisation and future plans. We are excited to share their answers with the people who have an interest in sustainability. 

What is your organisation’s goal?

Our mission is to enable biotechnology, that’s key to agrifood decarbonisation and food security, to scale from lab to production. To do this, we are developing integrated hardware and software solutions that combine machine learning models and novel downstream processing design to facilitate rapid, low risk and low-cost production of precision fermentation-based alternative proteins.

Alternative proteins have the potential to transform food sustainability security globally. For example, dairy proteins produced with precision fermentation technology emit up to 97% less greenhouse gases and use up to 96% lower blue water consumption. These technologies also don’t require specific soil or climate conditions and have the potential to alleviate world hunger where the soil is no longer arable. However, due to the high production costs and lack of capacity, these innovations are currently limited to a lab scale with no economically feasible path to large-scale production.

We will enable a deeper understanding of how a process will fare as it scales through Machine Learning models and developing hardware solutions for low-cost, high-yield production. Using these insights, we aim to better model the dynamics and intricacies of how these complex processes scale from the lab to production and design novel downstream processing approaches that allow for improved yield and lower costs.

How would you use Get It Made for manufacturing?

We plan to develop hardware proof of concepts for our solutions for validation and testing later this year. This opportunity will allow us to:

- Improve our product design for cost-effective manufacturing by leveraging your manufacturing expertise in high-value, high-sterility products

- Create a prototype of our product using your manufacturing services

- Gather validation and feedback with crucial proof points with the prototype, allowing us to unlock further investment for complete product development.

In terms of prototype development, we plan to work with Get It Made to manufacture prototype components and assemblies to demonstrate novel approaches to downstream processing. The parts will predominantly be manufactured using 3D printing and machining. We will also be creating test rigs to assess the performance of our designs, where we will require further manufacturing assistance.

What positive environmental impact can your organisation create?

Diversity is core to our company’s values. Our CEO already actively supports the success of female entrepreneurs through teaching and mentoring at the Hatch Enterprise incubator programmes for female founders and the Cambridge University Maxwell Centre Impulse programme for DeepTech startups.

We already have hiring plans with measures to encourage the development of a diverse team (e.g. recruitment through female networks, checking the gender bias of our job descriptions, and providing mentoring and support to female staff to ensure they feel supported). 

We are very excited to be working with New Wave Biotech! 

For more information on our services or quotes, feel free to get in touch, or make a specific enquiry (i.e. for a CNC machining quote) today.

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