ISO 9001 in Manufacturing

What is ISO 9001? Read our insight into what it is all about and why it is so important.

ISO 9001 in Manufacturing
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ISO 9001 in Manufacturing

Have you ever heard about ISO 9001? We often see companies showing an ISO 9001 stamp proudly, but for some reason, it is not very clear what that means. The first thing to know is that this is a big deal, and companies should be proud of achieving this goal.

This article will explain simply what is this ISO 9001 all about, why it is a big deal, and most importantly, why it is a good thing for a customer.

What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is an International Quality Management System standard. It means that the companies submit themselves to a series of audits, and if they comply with all the requirements, they are awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate.

In 2020 there was a total of 916,842 ISO 9001 Valid certificates in 190 different countries and 39 different industries.

Top 10 ISO 9001 industries

| **Industrial Sector** | **Number of companies** | | :-- | :--: | | **Basic metal and fabricated metal products** | 106,189 | | **Wholesail and retail trade, repairs of motor vehicles, motorcycles and personal and household goods** | 90,117 | | **Electrical and optical equipment** | 82,061 | | **Construction** | 71,097 | | **Machinery and equipment** | 62,539 | | **Other services** | 52,008 | | **Engineering services** | 46,036 | | **Rubber and plastic products** | 43,936 | | **Information technology** | 39,895 | | **Chemicals, chemical products and fibres** | 28,453 |

Stats collected in 2020:

Why is it important for manufacturing?

In 2020 the fabricated metal industry was the leading sector in the world, with 106,189 certified companies worldwide. Why are so many companies interested in getting the ISO 9001 quality certificate?

We must remember that ISO 9001 is an International Quality Management System standard. To be awarded a certificate, the companies must submit themselves to audits. Those audits will verify if the processes in the company are achieving a certain level of quality, which is acceptable by the international standard.

It means that the quality certificate will affect not just the customers but also the employees. If a company wants the ISO 9001 certificate, they need to guarantee that its processes are running efficiently within different areas such as management, HR, accounts and customer support.

Another reason why this certificate is so important for manufacturing companies is because ISO 9001 will help them create a good relationship with their suppliers because they have to follow the same high-quality criteria to work together. This is a critical role for every company in the manufacturing industry.

The manufacturing industry relies on good quality to attract customers. All the effort in working with high-quality standards will undoubtedly lead to the ultimate goal, which is customer satisfaction. With all these happy customers, the company will “suffer” the consequence of standing out from its competition. What company wouldn’t want that?

Why choose an ISO 9001 certified company?

Today it is easier than ever to hire services from around the world. As a customer, we want to trust the company we are hiring to deliver our manufactured parts with good quality, even if the parts have to travel through air, land and sea from the other side of the globe to get to you.

If the company you are hiring is certified in ISO 9001, it means they are ready to provide you with the quality you want - and deserve.

Because they have been through the processes of getting certified, they would be prepared to offer you reliable production scheduling and delivery, with first-class customer service, excellent communication and fewer mistakes than their competitors.

Having the ISO 9001 certificate is a marvellous feeling for the business. It is a confirmation that all the hard work is taking the company in the right direction. From the customer’s point of view, it is reassuring to hire services from an ISO 9001-certified company. It means you can trust them to achieve and even exceed the quality you expect from the services you hire.

Want to see what it is like to work with an ISO 9001 company? Request a free quote today, and one of our engineers will personally review your project within 24 hours. You can also make more specific quote requests if you already know what you need, such as requesting a CNC Machining quote.

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