Formula Student & Get It Made: Racing Ahead with CNC Machining

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Formula Student & Get It Made: Racing Ahead with CNC Machining
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Imperial Racing Green (IRG) has taken the opportunity to thank Get It Made for their support over the course of the 2018/19 Formula Student season in our latest blog post.

The partnership is another great example of Get It Made’s close ties with student motorsport having also successfully worked closely with teams from the University of Birmingham and the University of Liverpool.

How did Get It Made help the Imperial Racing team?

Get It Made manufactured the rear uprights and driven wheel shaft of the 2019 EV3 vehicle. The rear uprights are some of the most complex components of a racing car.

This is because they are highly stressed components supporting the load transfer from road to chassis. The rear uprights are also an important part of the system keeping the tyres in optimum contact with the track.

Furthermore, they need to provide the option to vary the vehicle kinematic setup. For these reasons they are complex to both design and manufacture, therefore requiring complex CNC machining capabilities.

CNC Machined Parts with Imperial Racing Green and Get It Made Logos

Why did Imperial Racing choose Get It Made?

Get It Made were able to manufacture the complex EV3 uprights with an extremely short turnaround due to their large CNC milling capacity. This greatly benefitted the team, allowing them to alter and optimize their design until late into the season. Fantastic quality assurance and customer service ensured Imperial Racing Green received their parts within tolerance, at short notice and at a highly competitive price.

This quick turnaround allowed IRG to compete at Formula Student UK 2019 scoring their best Class 1 result for over 5 years. This was partly achieved due to the large mass reduction in the vehicle suspension and chassis of which the uprights were a significant part.

Looking ahead: Formula Student 2020

Imperial Racing Green looks forward to developing the partnership with Get It Made for the 2019/20 season. IRG is working with Get It Made to manufacture further parts, and ensure the carryover of the previously manufactured uprights into their new vehicle.

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With thanks to Harry Thompson (Team Principal) and the Imperial Racing Green team.

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