How much does Aluminium Die Casting cost?

The cost for aluminium die casting has a large initial investment for tooling, often from as low as £4k. Part costs depend on part size and volume.

How much does Aluminium Die Casting cost?


Aluminium Die Casting is a casting process whereby molten aluminium is injected at high pressure into a steel mould to achieve a specific shape. Die casting is widely used by many engineers and manufacturers due to the good mechanical properties, such as corrosion resistance and strength to weight ratio. The continuous high speed of the process allows many complex parts to be produced quickly, reducing costs.

To understand how to make your die casting project more cost effective and suitable for production, read our Aluminium Die Casting guide. Here you will learn common design rules to consider when engineering parts.

In this article we simulated the production costs for an aluminium part using a die casting process. You can see how different quantities will affect the project’s costs.

Request your aluminium die casting quote today and one of our engineers will personally review your project within 24 hours. They will then help fine-tune your project to make sure you get the best possible price and lead time for your Injection Moulding project.

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Aluminium Die Casting

Aluminium Die Casting is a highly efficient manufacturing process that produces accurately defined, smooth, and textured-surfaced aluminium parts. This process involves forcing molten aluminium into a die under high pressure, resulting in parts that are lightweight, durable, and highly conductive. With excellent corrosion resistance, aluminium die cast parts are widely used in various industries including automotive, aerospace, and electronics.


Aluminium Die Casting Costs

200x145x45 Aluminium Die Cast Part (Annotated)

Part dimensions: 200mm length, 145mm width and 45mm height.

One important cost factor for Aluminium Die Casting projects is the mould complexity. If you need to produce complex parts and the design cannot be achieved by the mould itself, some secondary operations will be needed using CNC machining. It is important to notice on the table below, there is a limit of how low the Unit Price can get by increasing the quantity.

No. Material Finish Quantity Unit Price Tooling Cost Lead time Days
1 Aluminium As machined 500 £6.91 £4,992.00 32
2 Aluminium As machined 5000 £5.18 £4,992.00 32
3 Aluminium As machined 50000 £5.18 £4,992.00 32

For this part, the Aluminium Die Casting price ranges from £6.91 to £5.18 without any further finishing.
30-40 days for production is on the fast side of what is typically possible.
Tooling costs are normally kept competitive as most manufacturers look to win the project because of the lowered barrier to entry. And then have consistent income manufacturing parts over a longer time period.

If you would like to speak to us about what might be the best manufacturing method for your project, get in touch with one of our project managers today. We can offer expert knowledge on all things manufacturing.

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