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Please make sure you have done the following before requesting a quote:

Export the 3D CAD files in the correct format.

Please export your 3D CAD files to STEP, IGS or Parasolid format.

Unfortunately, we can only accept STL files for 3D printing projects.

STEP is always preferred, even for 3D Printing.

We cannot accept OBJ files as they do not correct geometric data for manufacturing.

If you don’t have a 3D CAD file yet, we recommend designing in OnShape as it is free and sometimes easy to use.

The other option we recommend is finding a freelance design engineer to help produce the CAD file for you. We can recommend someone if you require help.

How many of each part do you need?

Please let us know the quantity for each part you require.

We can also provide multiple quotes if you are unsure about ordering 10x, 100x or 1,000x parts.

For most projects, the more parts you require, the cheaper the unit price per part will be.

What is the ideal material for your project?

Please let us know what material grade you need and if you can accept similar options.

Sometimes we can offer a similar material for a better price.

You can check out the materials section on each manufacturing service page to learn more about our most common materials.

Do you have any finish requirements in mind?

Please let us know if the parts need any special finishing to look good and perform exactly as you need.

On each manufacturing service page, you can find standard finishes for each process.

Send us engineering PDF drawings with all the details to make the perfect parts.

Please let us know about any threaded or tapped holes and all the critical tolerances in your design.

If you don’t have engineering drawings, screenshots with annotation will do the work just fine.

File naming and revisions

Straightforward, easy-to-understand naming of parts is significant because it reduces the chance of mistakes, especially if parts are revised. We would never suggest naming files like a description. We recommend following these guidelines:

BAD: Bracket For Underside PROTO Version 2 NEW 2020

GOOD: YCN-PRN-001-00This style of naming derives from ISO standards and can be broken down like this:

YCN = Your Company Name

PRN = Project Name,001 = Part number, 001, 002, 003…

00 = Revision Number, 00, 01, 02…

Communicate what you require easily

To communicate quantity, materials and finishes, it is easiest to follow the format below:

3x GIM-PRO-001-00 – Stainless Steel 316 – As machined

5x GIM-PRO-002-01 – Al6061 – Sand Blasted and Anodised Clear

If you have many parts, creating a BOM to communicate your needs and upload it when requesting a quote can be easier.

What happens next?

Once we recieve your quote, one of our engineers will personally review your project within 24 hours.

Please note: we can only provide quotes for businesses and universities at this time.
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