Top 4 Injection Moulding Companies In Wigan

Get It Made has researched and shared four companies offering Plastic Injection Moulding to Wigan and the surrounding areas. Find the best fit for your business and project.

Top 4 Injection Moulding Companies In Wigan
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If you're looking for a first-class injection moulding company in Wigan, it’s important to choose one who will do justice to your project. Trust, communication and quality assurance are just a few of the factors that will determine your selection. 

Here are the top four plastic injection moulding companies serving Wigan; we included ourselves in this list as a bonus fifth option. Although we are not based in Wigan, we have a history of providing injection moulding to companies in the UK. And there are some reasons why you should consider us below.

Get It Made

When it comes to superior plastic injection moulding serving Wigan and other parts of the UK, look no further than Get It Made. Each component we produce is given the dedication it deserves. Whether it be a small batch or larger run, our company takes pride in every assignment we take on. 

Get It Made delivers expert manufacturing across a variety of industries. Our reach is wide and sophisticated, working within the medical, green energy, aerospace, and robotics sectors, to name only a few.  

Our company can produce plastic components quickly and economically, so we don’t have rigid minimum order requirements. We are also glad to help you apply Just in Time (JIT) for your project, which will ultimately aid in managing your inventory.

Get It Made partners with trusted international and UK suppliers and manufacturers, helping all of our processes run in a cost-effective and efficient manner. We built this partnership plan in order to serve our clients in the best way possible.

Need top-of-the-line injection moulding in the UK? Request a plastic mould quote today, and you’ll hear back from us in 24 hours. We also proudly offer metal injection moulding services, should this suit your current or future projects.

B + H Mouldings Limited

B + H Mouldings Limited provides injection moulding services in Wigan and the greater surrounding areas. The company has several moulding machines at their factory that range in size. 

B + H Mouldings Limited provides design services through to full production runs. The company produces plastic mouldings for a wide list of markets, including cosmetic, brewing, leisure, and electrics. 

Patterson & Rothwell

Patterson & Rothwell uses a dedicated onsite mould tooling facility, and produces plastic components for a variety of industries. From white goods components to parts needed for construction, the company’s experience is wide.

Patterson & Rothwell uses stringent quality control measures, always working closely with a team of inspectors. Compliance and client satisfaction is ensured at each level of the company’s manufacturing process.   

AC Plastics

AC Plastics offers a full service, giving customers in Wigan and the surrounding areas the benefit of a wide range of processes. Providing both a low and high volume of plastic injection mouldings, the company runs their production 24 hours a day.

The company’s moulded parts serve many sectors and industries, including construction, medical & hygiene, automotive, water filtration and countless others. 

Sanko Gosei

Providing services near Wigan, across the UK and internationally, Sanko Gosei uses a range of injection moulding presses and technology, catering most notably to the automotive market.  

Sanko Gosei is also known for their 3D printing and manufacturing of tools. The company’s tooling is engineered and manufactured both in-house and with its global partners. 

Select the Top Company for Plastic Injection Moulding in Wigan

If you need exceptional quality plastic components in Wigan, Get It Made has your back. Our dedication to producing superior products is evident in the results—each and every time.  

Our company believes strongly in solid communication, and we always ensure our customers feel confident, supported and well-served.

Let us Get It Made for you today. Contact us for a plastic injection moulding quote.

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