Top 4 Injection Moulding Companies In Manchester

Get It Made has researched and shared four companies offering Plastic Injection Moulding to Manchester and the surrounding areas. Find the best fit for your business and project.

Top 4 Injection Moulding Companies In Manchester
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When pursuing world-class injection moulding in Manchester, you’ll want to select a company who takes pride in their production at all levels. After all, reliable customer support and communication is just as important as the quality of a product.

We can help navigate you towards success. Here are the four top injection moulding picks you need to know about; we included ourselves in this list as a bonus fifth option. Although we are not based in Manchester, we have a history of providing injection moulding to companies in the UK. And there are some reasons why you should consider us below.

Get It Made

Get It Made offers the finest modern injection moulding serving Manchester. With experience in catering to a diverse group of markets, our company takes on all of our projects with mastery and sophistication.   

Get It Made is equipped with many plastic and thermoplastic materials at our disposal. If you’d like to use a separate material that isn’t shown on our website, however, feel free to enquire with us and we will do our best to source it for you. 

We can provide many finishing options for your final injected moulded component(s), such as D1 (satin finish), A2 (mirror polish), custom mould tech textures, or as machined (with machine marks untouched). To learn more about our moulding process, final finishing options, materials and more, head over to our plastic injection moulding service page.

Our company does not have rigid volume expectations, so there is no need to stress over minimum order quantities for your injection mouldings. Our experts are ready and willing to guide you in this regard, as our aim is always to meet your needs.   

From detailed and organised workflow to dependable customer service, we are a client-centric business, always working to benefit you and your project wholly. Our lean and highly educated team of engineers proudly deliver steadfast results each and every time. 

If you’re keen to find the best injection moulding company in Manchester, don’t hesitate to request a quote for our plastic moulding today - we’ll get in touch with you in 24 hours. We also provide metal injection moulding services, should this suit any of your current or future projects.

Adreco Plastics 

Adreco Plastics has been manufacturing and serving the greater Manchester area for over 45 years. The company provides tooling and moulding services to an array of industries and markets, including lighting, packaging, defence, medical & hygiene, and many more. 

Adreco Plastics works to complete prototypes for customers within a two week timeframe, with their design studio fully connected to their tool room. The company can create thermoplastic polymer tooling prototypes in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the request.

B + H Mouldings Limited

This Manchester-based injection moulding company has nine moulding machines at their factory, ranging from 30 ton up to 1300 ton. The company’s manufacturing process also includes robotics.

B + H Moulding Limited produces many plastic mouldings for a wide client base and various industries, including leisure, cosmetic, brewing and electrics. The company provides design services through to tooling and all the way to full production runs. 

Patterson & Rothwell

Patterson & Rothwell uses a dedicated in-house mould tooling facility, and produces plastic products for many different markets. From white goods components to providing for construction and window industries, Patterson & Rothwell’s experience is vast.

The company uses strict quality control measures and has a team of inspectors to ensure full compliance and customer satisfaction at each stage of the manufacturing process.

Protool Plastics

Serving the greater Manchester area, Protool Plastics is recognised for their technical mouldings and post mould operations. Since 1987, the company has proven its expertise and multifaceted capabilities countless times over. 

With a cost-effective mindset, Protool Plastics works tirelessly with clients on reshoring production from Asia and Europe. The company aims to produce and deliver only the best injection moulding experience, from initial concept all the way to packaging and shipping the final product.

Pick the Best Company for Plastic Injection Moulding in Manchester 

Get It Made strives for nothing but excellence in our manufacturing methods and practices. With the latest technology and state-of-the-art machinery, we have the ability to produce injection moulded parts economically at any volume.

Meeting your precise requirements is a duty we do not take lightly—you can rely on our engineers and manufacturing partners to work in tandem on your project. At Get It Made, we always take your vision to heart and deliver accordingly. 

If you’re looking for unmatched quality in your plastic products, you can always trust us to Get It Made. Contact us for a plastic injection moulding quote today.

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