Top 4 Injection Moulding Companies In Leeds

Get It Made has researched and shared four companies offering Plastic Injection Moulding to Leeds and the surrounding areas. Find the best fit for your business and project.

Top 4 Injection Moulding Companies In Leeds
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The UK is a competitive landscape for injection moulding products. Finding injection moulding suppliers servicing the Leeds area requires research—you need a reliable supplier with the best-in-class machinery necessary to fulfil your needs. 

To save you some time, we discuss four of the best injection moulding companies in Leeds; we included ourselves in this list as a fifth bonus option. Although we are not based in Leeds, we have a history of providing injection moulding to companies in the UK. And below are some reasons why you should consider us.

Get It Made

Get It Made is your best bet when you need high-precision plastic moulding products fast.

Since we can deliver products quickly at a competitive price and don’t have required minimums for order quantity, you can implement a Just in Time (JIT) inventory management system.

We can offer injection moulding in the UK and China, often we can design and manufacturing the tooling in China, obtain the first set of production and then ship the tool to the UK for continuous production. Offer the best of both sides of the world, speed, price and supply chain stability.

We can ship orders by air, dedicated direct flights in passenger cargo, sea, and train (for high volume orders).

If you’re in a rush, we can split the order and send the parts you need by air. You can start production while we ship the remainder of the order via sea. This way, we can help you strike a balance between fulfilling your urgent needs and keeping the shipping costs to a minimum.

Our aim is to work with a select number of partners that allow us to speak directly to engineers and give us greater flexibility for manufacturing complex projects. We also invest back into our partners to ensure they can use the best machinery and testing equipment.

We also offer other services, including CNC machining, aluminium extrusions, 3D printing, and more. If your project’s needs are diverse, we can manufacture multiple parts and ensure everything fits and works together before shipping.

Request a quote today for the best injection moulding company serving Leeds. We always respond within 24 hours.


IPL serves Leeds and the surrounding area, as well as many other parts of the UK and worldwide. The company manufactures a wide range of injection moulds for an array of industries, including caps and closures, food and non-food packaging, material handling, bins and totes, and countless others. 

IPL combines expertise with modern technology, and offers a range of services to clients, including custom moulding, product design and prototyping, to name a few. Depending on the need, the company can also offer repair service for existing moulds.

Industrial Plastic Supplies Ltd

Industrial Plastic Supplies Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015-accredited company that offers low and high-volume plastic injection moulding in Leeds. The company operates SPC systems with complete traceability throughout the manufacturing process.

The company also accepts requests for related services such as assembly when you need to ship parts directly to your customer. Industrial Plastic Supplies Ltd. has experience handling a wide range of plastic materials, including Polypropylenes, ABS, PEEK, and PPS.

Dickinson Philips

Dickinson Philips can accommodate almost every injection moulding order, from low-volume orders to monthly orders where you need millions of products. The company offers a one-stop solution for all injection moulding challenges, from initial concept to large scale production.

If you need help getting started with the plastic part design, Dickinson Philips can do this for you for free. All you need to do is provide a brief description, drawing, or CAD data. The company produces a 3D printed model so you can verify if you want to make any alterations.

Zenith Plastics Development

Zenith Plastics Development is a family-owned business that brings more than 28 years of trading experience to the table. All of the company’s services are on-sight, including moulding. They can mould all popular metals, including HIPS, HDPE, PP, TPEs, PA’s Acetal, and more.

The company uses injection moulding machines from 25 to 275 tonnes and offers insert moulding, low-volume overmolding, pad printing, and sonic welding assembly. Zenith Plastic Development also offers other services like EDM Machining, prototyping, and tool making.

Find a Reliable Injection Moulding Company

Finding a reliable injection moulding company ensures you have the support and expertise you need before and after placing your order. You should also assess a company’s technological capabilities before placing an order.

Get It Made helps you produce high-quality parts using the best-in-class machinery and testing equipment. We’re committed to delivering top notch customer service and our experts are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Get in touch with us for a plastic moulding quote and we’ll respond within minutes. We’ll also help address all your questions related to injection moulding.

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