Top 4 Injection Moulding Companies In Kirklees

Get It Made has researched and shared four companies offering Plastic Injection Moulding to Kirklees and the surrounding areas. Find the best fit for your business and project.

Top 4 Injection Moulding Companies In Kirklees
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When it comes to supplying plastic products and services, the UK is among the most competitive. Not all businesses are built the same, however. Finding reliable injection moulding in Kirklees calls for some research—you’ll want to land on a company with first-class machinery and top notch engineers. 

To save you time on lengthy research, we’ll discuss four of the top injection moulding companies in Kirklees; we included ourselves in this list as a bonus fifth option. Although we are not based in Kirklees, we have a history of providing injection moulding to companies in the UK. And there are some reasons why you should consider us below.

Get It Made

Get It Made services Kirklees and the surrounding areas. Our company is an ISO9001-certified company providing high-precision plastic parts with quick turnarounds at competitive pricing. 

Our goal is to always maintain close contact with our select partners—both in the UK and internationally. Communicating with engineers ensures we have more flexibility when complex projects are manufactured. Get It Made has spent years developing relationships with our sophisticated partner factories, and we take pride in using only the finest machinery and equipment. 

High volume and low batch orders can both easily be accommodated by our company, depending on the needs of your project—we’re able to ship orders by air, sea, and train.

Get It Made has the ability to deliver products fast and economically, so we don’t have strict minimum order requirements. We are also happy to help you apply Just in Time (JIT) for your project, which will ultimately aid in managing your inventory.

Our dedicated staff of project managers has your back at all levels of operation. You can feel confident that your goal will be achieved in our capable hands. 

On the hunt for the best injection moulding company in Kirklees? Request your plastic mould quote from Get It Made—we’ll respond within 24 hours.

Faulkner Moulds  

With over 25 years of injection moulding experience, Faulkner Moulds has been serving Kirklees and the greater Huddersfield region with a myriad of satisfied customers.

The company’s multi-cavity high production tools allows them to serve many sectors, including medical and packaging, to list a fair few. In addition to plastic injection mould toolmaking, Faulker Moulds offers design consultation and technologies, as well as product development.

Forteq UK 

Forteq UK is based near Kirklees in Huddersfield and has international footing, providing high-precision injection moulding solutions globally. 

The company’s expertise is primarily automotive, providing a range of services for this specific sector worldwide. Some of the plastic products they manufacture are actuators, suspension systems, engine timing systems, and much more. 

Fisher Plastics

Fisher Plastics runs a 24 hour operation with a fully in-house team of engineers, injection moulders and toolmakers. Performing rigorous internal quality control procedures and detailed testing, Fisher Plastics always keeps its processes functioning at the highest standard.    

The company manufactures numerous plastic products such as seating for arenas and educational settings, electrical gear, cutlery handles, power supply closures, and beyond.   

Technoparts Limited 

Providing injection moulding and mould maintenance, Technoparts Limited services Kirklees and the greater surrounding Huddersfield, West Yorkshire area. The company specialises in contract manufacturing for industries such as food and industrial packaging, utilities and consumer appliances.

Established in 2009, the company has since expanded beyond their main production of white goods and liquid transfer production to many other markets, with the help of growing their facilities by 2012.

Find the Best Company for Plastic Injection Moulding in Kirklees

It’s key to partner with an injection moulding company that uses only exceptional technology and machinery, whilst delivering top-tier technical advice whenever needed. Our team has the skills and expertise you’ve been looking for.  

Get It Made produces the finest quality finished products, tailored precisely to your vision. If you need to trim costs and speed up production, your order can be shipped using multiple, combined methods.  

Discover the Get It Made way today. Contact us for a plastic injection moulding quote. 

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