Top 4 Injection Moulding Companies In East Riding

Get It Made has researched and shared four companies offering Plastic Injection Moulding to East Riding and the surrounding areas. Find the best fit for your business and project.

Top 4 Injection Moulding Companies In East Riding
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When pursuing world-class injection moulding in East Riding, you’ll want to select a company who takes pride in their production at all levels. Reliable customer support and communication is just as essential as the quality of the finished product.  

Here are the top four plastic injection moulding companies serving East Riding; we included ourselves in this list as a bonus fifth option. Although we are not based in East Riding, we have a history of providing injection moulding to companies in the UK. And there are some reasons why you should consider us below.

Get It Made

Get It Made is the expert choice for all of your injection moulding projects serving East Riding. With our highly reliable turnaround times and commitment to quality, we look forward to bringing your bespoke vision to life. Our company thrives on precision and always works to personalise your products accordingly.

At Get It Made, we produce the finest plastic parts with efficiency. If your deadline is fast approaching, we can accommodate your needs. Our company offers split shipping options, such as partial air and partial ground/sea shipping, to speed up the process and reduce costs. 

Interested in how our other services work? In addition to our Injection Moulding Guide, have a look through our CNC Machining Guide and 3D Printing Guide, as a few examples. These resources may help you decide which of our other services could be beneficial for your project at hand.

When keeping costs low is top of mind, our team of experts would be glad to help you out. Rest assured, there are always options. For instance, moulding certain parts together using the same tool can save you on cost. Similarly, we don’t have a minimum order quantity for injection mouldings—that’s up to you.  

Looking for the best injection moulding in the UK? Request a plastic mould quote today. You’ll always hear back from us in 24 hours.

Protomould Plastics

Sering East Riding and the greater East Yorkshire area, as well as other parts of the UK, Protomould Plastics operates with a range of machinery from 22 – 260 tonnes. The company is able to meet customer’s low to medium volume requirements with rapid turnaround times. 

In addition to manufacturing, Protomould Plastics has experience in servicing an array of markets, including health care, automotive, medical, as well as the off-shore gas industry and retail sectors.

TA Services Limited

TA Services Limited provides top tier injection moulding services to East Riding and the surrounding Yorkshire area. The company supplies and offers advice on injection moulding screws, injection moulding barrels and injection moulding screw tip assemblies.

The core focus of the company is on the manufacturing, supplying and refurbishment of barrels and screws for the plastic and rubber industry. TA Services Limited is able to provide services for tie bars, screw tips, nozzle tips and bodies, end caps, and more.

Malton Plastics UK Limited

Malton Plastics UK Limited offers various services in addition to injection moulding, including project management, pad printing, ultrasonic welding, and pack assembly.

The company caters to industries such as sports & leisure, automotive, agriculture, construction, defence and several others, working with a range of thermoplastics to suit customer’s unique needs.    

Dickinson Philips

Dickinson Philips can accommodate many injection moulding orders, from low to high volume orders. The company offers a full-fledged solution for all injection moulding projects, from initial concept to large scale production.

The company continues to invest in and upgrade their machinery and technologies to positively impact the speed and quality of their products. Dickson Philips caters to many industries, such as filtration, medical, HVAC, hardware and several more. 

Partner with the Top Company for Plastic Injection Moulding in East Riding

When it comes to injection moulding in East Riding, be sure to commit to a company who’s committed to you. From conception to finished product, it’s essential to partner with a company that offers top of the line components using the latest manufacturing methods. 

Get It Made not only delivers the highest possible product standard, but gives a great customer service experience, with experts at the ready. 

Let’s get started—Contact us for a plastic injection moulding quote today.

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