CNC Machining for the Film & TV industry

Discover more about how Get It Made supports the Film & TV Industry with CNC machined parts.


CNC Machining for the Film & TV industry

Get It Made is proud to support a wide variety of industries, supplying a diverse range of companies with bespoke CNC parts, manufactured on demand. One such industry Get It Made provides CNC machining services for is the Film & TV industry.

We caught up with Ben Coughlan, Director at Sneek Films to discuss why they continue to choose Get It Made for their CNC Machined parts:

“Working with Get It Made for all our prototyping was an absolute pleasure. Their lead times are fast, with the parts often arriving before the stated date. All of this at the most competitive price point that couldn’t be beaten in the U.K."

Not only do our clients value our highly accurate and high-quality CNC parts but our clients believe it’s Get It Made’s customer service that sets us apart from the competition:

“Get It Made have provided a next to immediate response. The attention to detail and customer service was second to none.”

Sneek Films produce short films and music videos and have worked with stars including Lewis Hamilton and Ed Sheeran. For truly groundbreaking cinematography, Sneek Films require bespoke camera parts and custom lens equipment. Sneek Films turn to Get It Made to manufacture these parts, allowing Ben and his team to focus on what they do best.

No matter what industry you operate in, with a wide range of manufacturing processes including CNC Milling, CNC Turning and 3D printing, send Get It Made your CAD files today for a 24-hour quote.