CNC Milling & CNC Machining

CNC Machining for R&D Projects, Aerospace, Medical, Green Energy, Robotics, Subsea and more. In a wide selection of metals and plastics.

Precision Engineered Components

From low volume prototyping to high volume CNC manufacturing, Get it Made produce bespoke, high-spec, precision engineered parts from plastic or metal: Aluminium, Steel, PP, ABS etc. Our wide range of partner factories have vast operational capability using state-of-the-art, multi-axis machinery for precision engineering. Simply tell us what you need then trust Get It Made to manage the whole process for you.

  • High precision
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast turnaround, quantities of 1 to 1000
  • Quality assured


What is CNC Milling?

CNC Milling a process that removes material from a block of material using a drill-like cutting tool.

Multi Axis CNC Milling allows parts with multiple surfaces to be machined quickly and easily. Parts requiring good flatness and accurate complex curved surfaces can be produced easily. To learn more about CNC Milling, we’ve created an in-depth guide on Understanding CNC Milling.

We work with the best partners in the industry to produce your CNC milled parts. Request a quote for more details on our CNC Machining and Milling services.

Advanced CNC Machinery

Advanced CNC machinery within a bank of trusted partners enables us to produce exactly what you need, when you need it. CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) has opened the doors to endless possibilities. With intelligent programming, data paths are trialled and tool paths are perfected in advance of production, achieving efficiency and accuracy. From simple components to highly complex specifications, we select the best partner to produce your CNC machined parts based on suitability and price.

Advice And Feedback

Ensuring maximum efficiency, saving you time and cost.


To save you time and money we constantly search and benchmark top performers across the industry to add to our supply chain partners. We will know the best choice for your project.


Vital to success, our communication with you, and our supply partners keeps the process slick, and lead times optimised.

Quotations And Invoices

Within 24 hours, you receive our clear, simple to understand proposal.


We pool client orders to access the best price possible. Our knowledge and systems save you time and money.


Get It Made was founded after years of experience in Industrial Design. With extensive manufacturing experience we provide sound advice and avoid potential quality hurdles; adjustments made before manufacture significantly streamline the process and reduce costs. Many of our Supply Chain Partners are ISO9001 or AS9100 accredited.

Lead Times

Our lead times are quicker than industry standard. Your project is our priority.

Import & Export

With years of experience we manage the entire, complex process of import and export. Get It Delivered, our Hong Kong based company can have parts from the Far East with you within three days.


If it saves time or money, Get It Made will choose one of our partners outside the EU. Any VAT and Tax implications are factored in to the quote/invoice, there will be no unexpected costs.

Currency Fluctuations

To keep pricing stable and reduce costs, we hedge the currency markets. We also work with currency traders to buy and sell currency wisely. Whatever the economic climate, we work hard to protect your money.

CNC Milling & Machining
From low volume prototyping to high volume manufacturing, Get it Made produce bespoke, high-spec, precision engineered parts from plastic or metal: Aluminium, Steel, PP, ABS etc.
CNC Turning
From simple to highly complex external geometries and internal bores, our precision turning capability will meet the highest specifications with accuracy, repeatability and speed.
CNC 5 Axis Machining
Using state-of-the-art CNC 5 axis milling, we can produce highly complex components with speed and accuracy.
CAD & Engineering Services
We offer a CAD service to support your engineering project, making the process smooth and cost effective.
For the protection and aesthetics of machined parts, extrusions, casting, mouldings and sheet steel, Get It Made’s Supply Chain Partners have extensive capabilities.
A wealth of top quality engineering knowledge, skill and expertise ensures the parts you need can be produced exactly as you need them.
For Get It Made, the task isn’t complete until the parts are safely in your hands, on or prior to deadline.
And More!
Get It Made can offer near limitless engineering capability. With access to a complete range of modern manufacturing equipment and techniques, we can produce high quality, competitively priced components, within deadline.
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