CNC Turning

CNC Turning for R&D Projects, Subsea, Green Energy, Aerospace, Robotics, Medical and more. In a wide selection of metals and plastics.

CNC Turning

For CNC turning, we work with an impressive list of partner companies. Our excellent reputation for speed and efficiency places us firmly at the forefront of the industry. From simple to highly complex external geometries and internal bores, our precision turning capability will meet the highest specifications with accuracy, repeatability and speed. With our carefully selected partners, we have the choice of a vast array of high-speed CNC turning lathes, we will know the perfect choice to meet your exact requirements quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Fast and efficient service
  • Advanced manufacturing capabilities
  • Precision turning of plastics and metals
  • Quantities from 1 to 1000


What is CNC Turning?

CNC Turning involves removing material from a rotating cylindrical billet resulting in a symmetrical cross section.

Get It Made’s advanced CNC Turning capabilities allow for a range of high precision CNC turning operations. Tolerances are tightly controlled and are available from +/- 0.05mm or better on request. Through many years of experience we have the expertise to deliver complex CNC turned parts. From parts a few millimetres in size, to large 1500mm long and 700mm diameter parts, we can get it made.

From simple components to highly complex specifications, we pick and choose the best partners to work with to produce your CNC Turned parts based on your requirements and budget.

Our experts have created a full, in-depth guide on ‘What is CNC Machining’ to give you an entire breakdown of the process and what we do.

Managing The Process From Start To Finish

One-off or batch production, straightforward or complex, we will manage the process by choosing the best partner to meet your requirements, producing your CNC turned parts on time, and within budget. Materials include: aluminium, steel, ABS, PP, nylon etc.

Feedback And Advice

Saving you time and cost and ensuring maximum efficiency.

Partners And Contacts

To save you money and time we constantly search for top performers in the industry to add to our supply chain partners. We will know the best choice for your project.


We keep lead times optimised by communicating with you and our supply chain partners on a regular basis.

Quotes And Invoices

You receive our clear and simple to understand proposal within 24 hours.


We pool client orders to access the best price possible for your project. Our knowledge and systems save you money and time.


With extensive manufacturing experience we provide sound advice and avoid potential quality hurdles; adjustments made before manufacturing streamlines the process and reduces cost. Many of our Supply Chain Partners are ISO9001 or AS9100 accredited.

Lead Times

We pride ourselves on having quicker lead times than industry standard. Your project is our priority.

Import And Export

With years of experience we manage the entire, complex process of import and export from start to finish. Get It Delivered, our company based in Hong Kong can have parts from the Far East delivered to you within three days.


If it saves time or money, Get It Made will select one of our partners outside the EU. Any Tax and VAT implications are factored in to the quote/invoice, rest assured there will be no unexpected costs.

Fluctuations In Currency

To keep pricing stable and reduce costs, we hedge the currency markets. We also work with currency traders to buy and sell currency wisely. We work hard to protect your money, regardless of economic climate.

CNC Machining & Milling
From batch prototyping to high volume component manufacturing, Get it Made produce high-spec, bespoke, precision engineered parts from plastic or metal: Aluminium, Steel, PP, ABS etc.
CNC Turning
From basic to highly intricate external geometries and internal bores, our precision turning service will meet the highest specifications with meticulous accuracy, repeatability and speed.
CNC 5 Axis Machining
Our CNC 5 axis milling is state-of-the-art, we can produce highly complex components with accuracy and speed.
Technical Services
We offer a CAD service to support your project, making the process smooth and cost effective.
Finishing Services
For the protection and aesthetics of extrusions, machined parts, casting, mouldings and sheet steel, Get It Made’s Supply Chain Partners have extensive capabilities to suit your requirements.
Quality Assurance
A wealth of quality engineering knowledge, skill and expertise ensures the parts you need can be produced to your exact specification.
For Get It Made, the task isn’t complete until the parts are safely in your hands, and delivered to you on time.
And More!
Get It Made offers near limitless engineering capability. With access to a range of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and techniques, we can produce high quality, and competitively priced components.
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