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Quote Check List. Have You:

  • checkmark Exported 3D CAD files as either STEP, IGS, or PARASOLID?
  • checkmark Communicated the quantity of each part required?
  • checkmark Specified the material and grade?
  • checkmark Specified the finish if necessary?
  • checkmark Clearly shown tapped holes and tolerances on a PDF?

    Please export your 3D CAD files to STEP, IGS or PARASOLID format.

    Unfortunately we can only accept STL files for 3D printing projects. STEP is always preferred, even for 3D Printing.

    We cannot accept OBJ files as they do not correct geometric data for manufacturing.


    We highly recommend sending separate PDF Engineering Drawings for each part.
    Annotated screenshots can sometimes be accepted.

    Please indicate any threaded holes, critical dimensions and tolerances.

    Please communicate material and finishing requirements (if applicable).


    Clear, easy to understand naming of parts is highly important because it reduces the chance of mistakes, especially if parts are revised. We would never suggest naming files like a description. We recommend following these guidelines:

    BAD: Bracket For Underside PROTO Version 2 NEW 2020

    GOOD: YCN-PRN-001-00

    This style of naming derives from ISO standards, and can be broken down like this:
    YCN = Your Company Name
    PRN = Project Name,
    001 = Part number, 001, 002, 003…
    00 = Revision Number, 00, 01, 02…


    To communicate quantity, materials and finishes it is easiest to follow the format below:

    3x GIM-PRO-001-00 – Stainless Steel 316 – As machined
    5x GIM-PRO-002-01 – Al6061 – Sand Blasted and Anodised Clear

    If you have many parts, it can be easier to create a BOM to communicate your needs and upload it when requesting a quote.