Manufacturing Processes

Get It Made can offer near limitless engineering capability. With access to a complete range of modern manufacturing equipment and techniques, we can produce high quality, competitively priced components, within deadline.

A Range of Manufacturing Processes

We can sometimes focus on our foundation of CNC Machining, but we do also offer a large range of industrial manufacturing processes that can all be managed and brought together under a single project. We often extrude aluminium profiles, CNC machine, weld and then anodise. We can rotationally mould a large part and then assemble with fixing and fittings. We can combine many processes to be able to get your project complete with ease, saving time and money. Some of our common additional processes are listed below.

Quantities of one to 2000 are possible. Some of our most frequently used services include:

CNC Machining

For rapid production of high spec plastic or metal components.

CNC Turning

CNC turning lathes producing complex plastic and metal components.

Aluminium Extrusions

Aluminium bar lengths created to any cross sectional profile.

Aluminium Die Casting

Lightweight, heat and corrosion resistant components.

Lost Wax Casting

Traditional metal casting using a wax mould.

Low Volume Silicone Moulding

Reduce initial outlay and speed up production.

High Volume Injection Moulding

Rapid, quality assured production of components.

Stamping (Pressing)

Shaping, coining, embossing etc of metal.


Fabrication of assemblies by welding, gluing and assembling.

Tube and Wire Manipulation

Shaping and forming profiles to design specification.


Fusing materials by fusion and resistance welding.

Laser Cutting

Fast and accurate cutting of material.

Waterjet Cutting

Similar to laser cutting using a high powered water jet without heat.

And More…

Contact us with specific requirements.

CNC Machining & Milling
From batch prototyping to high volume component manufacturing, Get it Made produce high-spec, bespoke, precision engineered parts from plastic or metal: Aluminium, Steel, PP, ABS etc.
CNC Turning
From basic to highly intricate external geometries and internal bores, our precision turning service will meet the highest specifications with meticulous accuracy, repeatability and speed.
CNC 5 Axis Machining
Our CNC 5 axis milling is state-of-the-art, we can produce highly complex components with accuracy and speed.
Technical Services
We offer a CAD service to support your project, making the process smooth and cost effective.
Finishing Services
For the protection and aesthetics of extrusions, machined parts, casting, mouldings and sheet steel, Get It Made’s Supply Chain Partners have extensive capabilities to suit your requirements.
Quality Assurance
A wealth of quality engineering knowledge, skill and expertise ensures the parts you need can be produced to your exact specification.
For Get It Made, the task isn’t complete until the parts are safely in your hands, and delivered to you on time.
And More!
Get It Made offers near limitless engineering capability. With access to a range of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and techniques, we can produce high quality, and competitively priced components.
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