Get It Made Subsea Grant 2020

Are you developing hardware for the subsea industry? Do you need to secure additional funding to help develop your ideas?

CNC machining and manufacturing specialist Get It Made are proud to announce a new initiative to foster innovative startups in the subsea industry. The winning startup will receive a manufacturing grant of £2500 to be used for new prototypes or scaling up production. The grant is designed to support cutting-edge research into subsea technologies and accelerate innovative hardware.

 £2500 Grant
£2500 Grant
For Subsea Startups
For Subsea Startups
Subsea Grant

Our Future Depends on the Next Generation

Our World Needs Subsea Innovation

Since 2011, Get It Made has worked with innovative businesses in the subsea industry and has witnessed the need for the global community to research, protect and clean the world’s oceans. The subsea industry is pivotal in achieving these goals and often relies upon specialist and bespoke equipment, designed to operate in extremely challenging underwater environments. This specialist and bespoke equipment can be obtained by the successful applicant of this grant, in the form of Get It Made’s expertise within CNC Milling, Injection Moulding, and 3D Printing.

Get It Made understands the needs of early-stage subsea startups, and have developed a programme to support new businesses in turning their ideas from design to reality.

Not only will the grant provide free manufactured parts (to the value of £2500), the scheme will allow successful applicants to work closely with Get It Made’s knowledgeable engineers to accelerate the design and development of their ideas.

Get It Made will help identify, understand and remove barriers so that innovation can become a reality and so that products get to market quicker. We can’t wait to find the next pioneers in this unique industry!

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Grant Judging Criteria

Applicants for the Subsea Grant will be judged on the impact. Impact to the startup, to the subsea industry and how urgent the hardware is needed. The application should show:

  • The goal or mission of the product or company.
    What is your ultimate goal? To protect and clean the world’s oceans? To sustainably hardness the ocean’s resources? Whatever it is, it should be clear and well defined.
  • How the grant will be used.
    Do you have specific components in mind to manufacture? Do you have drawings and CAD files?
  • The difference the grant will make to the start-up.
    We want to make sure the grant will have a noticeable impact to your startup and the industry as a whole.
  • The impact on the environment.
    We believe that all businesses should work to have a positive environmental impact.
  • The novelty of the idea or company.
    Will your product or business have something that is genuinely innovative? Is there a clear need for your product in the market?

To apply for the grant, please complete the application below. If you have any questions about the application process please contact

The Small Print

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The Grant

The manufacturing grant consists of £10,000 (excluding VAT) that can be used when ordering any of our manufacturing services. In addition, you will have direct access to Get It Made engineers who will help support your project from a Design for Manufacturing perspective.

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Applications close at midnight GMT on March 31st, 2022. The successful applicant will be notified by email. The £10,000 grant expires 12 months after the winner is notified.

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Industry Criteria

Your business must have an element of being a hardware-based business. If you are unsure regarding your eligibility to apply, please do get in touch.

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Organisation Criteria

The manufacturing grant is available to startup businesses that have launched in the past 3 years and have fewer than 25 employees, and must have a founder that is 30 years old or younger. University-based research projects are also eligible for the grant.

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