The most-watched manufacturing videos on social media

By Luke Smoothy | 15/12/2021


At Get It Made, we love watching the processes that we specialise in reach the dizzying heights of views
in their millions on social media. It’s always amazing to us to see the applications of processes like CNC
, 3D printing and injection moulding come to life through the final products that they create.

Many of the processes are both fascinating and repetitive, leading manufacturing videos to be up there
with the most viewed of the ‘oddly satisfying’ genre. What better way to celebrate these processes then,
to collate a list of the most viewed oddly satisfying manufacturing videos?

From watching how KitKats are created in order to make breaks all around the world, to uber-satisfying
silicone colours are combined, here are the most-watched manufacturing videos across YouTube,
TikTok and Instagram.

The top 5 most-watched YouTube manufacturing videos:

1. Glass bottle - 41,383,985 views, 165,000 likes
2. AirBus Propeller - 13,147,660 views, 60,000 likes
3. Gold coins and bars - 12,181,530 views, 58,000 likes
4. BMW engine - 10,504,611 views, 51,000 likes
5. KitKats - 8,180,044 views, 49,000 likes

The top 5 most-watched TikTok manufacturing videos

1. Barbie - 136.9M views, 6.5 M likes

#toy #fypシ #foryou #barbie #manufacturing #handmade

♬ original sound - xiangmzxm
2. Blue and yellow silicon decompression - 32.4M views, 3.5 M likes

The process is very decompression, suitable for you who are under pressure, #Unzip #silicone products#Manufacturer@ycsiliconekitchenware

♬ original sound - friedapatty
3. Green silica gel - 30.3M views, 1.2M likes

Roll a big green silica gel today#Unzip #Silicone products#Manufacturer

♬ original sound - emmaemiliya7
4. Silicone colour blending - 20.2M views, 2.9M likes

Let's guess the final color together#Siliconeproducts #Siliconekitchenware #OEM OEM #Manufacturer

♬ Happy Music - Mystix Instrumentals
5. Delagadostone crushing - 19.1M views, 246.3K likes

Reply to @mrfizzycola The beautiful sounds of production. #delgadostone #manufacturing #production #productivity #lovewhatwedo

♬ original sound - Delgado Stone

The top 5 most-watched Instagram manufacturing videos

1. 3D printing dome tank - 134.5k views
2. Steel CNC machining - 56.8k views
3. Chip fan manufacturing - 40k views
4. Cubitron wheel - 37.3k views
5. 3D modelling animation - 33.2k views

Luke Smoothy, director of Get It Made, comments on social media’s fascination with viral manufacturing
videos: “There has always been a huge interest in oddly satisfying clips that demonstrate how certain
objects are created, along with the processes that go into their production. Particularly with robotic
automation, it’s incredible to see the technologies that go into making the seemingly simplest things such as glass bottles and gold coins.

Oddly satisfying videos are hugely subjective, but there is a common theme of the set, repetitive
processes that seem to strike a chord with viewers. We think it’s down to the relaxing nature of the
repetitiveness in the videos that make them so watchable for hours on end.

With production methods such as CNC machining and 3D printing making up large segments of
processing, regardless of the complexity, it is a joy to see the various applications of these technologies
as industry professionals.”

If you would like to find more information on the processes involved in the videos, or have your own
project that you would like to have prototyped or manufactured, you can speak to our team here.

Methodology: The most-watched YouTube videos were collated by searching the exact match
“manufacturing videos”. These results were then filtered by the most viewed. The most-watched
TikTok videos were collated by using the hashtag “manufacturing”, which was also the method
used to collate the Instagram data. Videos that were not relevant, such as manufacturing staff
interviews, were removed from the final list.

Luke Smoothy

Director and Founder of Get It Made Ltd.

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